Episode 63

Episode 63 - Mariana Padilla - CEO of HACKERverse®

In this episode of our podcast, we are joined by Mariana Padilla, the co-founder and CEO of HACKERverse®, a platform and marketplace for cybersecurity in the world of e-sports. Mariana shares her journey from the pain of purchasing enterprise software to becoming the CEO of HACKERverse®, formerly known as KIKRR. She discusses the challenges she faced in naming the company and the importance of making it easy for vendors and customers to navigate the cybersecurity landscape.

Mariana is passionate about changing the way the world buys and sells cybersecurity software, and she shares her insights on the pitfalls of AI-based marketing and the need for targeted solutions. She believes 2024 will be their year, as they continue to gain recognition for their innovative approach.

Building and managing a team is another topic Mariana delves into. With an incredible team of 12 members, HACKERverse® has been able to tap into diverse talents across different areas, including development, sales, and marketing. Mariana emphasizes the importance of understanding the problem, being passionate about solving it, and creating a company culture that values inclusion and teamwork.

In the episode, Mariana also shares her strategies for managing tasks and goals. As a fast learner, Mariana acknowledges the importance of organization and accountability. Tracking goals publicly and ensuring the team has visibility into progress are key aspects of their workflow.

Lastly, Mariana makes a big announcement that HACKERverse® has been accepted into the prestigious Google Growth Academy AI Cybersecurity Program. This program provides access to Google's network, mentors, and a community of early-stage founders. Mariana looks forward to the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals and gain valuable insights. We hope you enjoy this insightful episode with Mariana Padilla as she shares her entrepreneurial journey, lessons learned, and her mission to revolutionize the cybersecurity industry.

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