Episode 65

Episode 65 - Dan Amiga - Co-Founder & CTO at Island

In this podcast episode, Dan Amiga, CTO and co-founder of Island, shares his entrepreneurial journey and the story behind founding his company during the peak of COVID-19 in mid-2020.

With a background in cybersecurity and experiences that range from programming in his early teens to serving in the Israeli Defense Forces' intelligence unit, Dan discusses the inception and growth of Island. With his rich background in cybersecurity and a series of successful entrepreneurial endeavors, Dan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Island, an enterprise browser designed with security, IT, and productivity tools at its core, addresses the gap between general-purpose browsers and the unique needs of the business environment. Dan reveals the motivations behind starting Island, challenges faced, and the strategy behind building a new product category.

Additionally, he talks about raising funding, team building amid COVID-19, and maintaining a culture of humility and excellence within the company. With a footprint in Dallas, Texas, and Tel Aviv, Island has grown rapidly, securing significant venture capital investment and achieving a high customer adoption rate across multiple industries.

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Evgeniy Kharam

Evgeniy has the opportunity to spend more than 40,000 hours working in cybersecurity,
providing pre and post-sales support in various technologies and later as an architect and principal consultant.
Evgeniy is very passionate about technology, vendors, and architecture. He brings a lot of knowledge about VAR, MSSP, and technical pre-sales. He believes in connected infrastructure that there is a significant need for vendor consolidation and the ability for security control to integrate and share information.
Evgeniy is proficient in speaking on most cyber security technical domains, which include: Endpoint Security, Network Security, SIEM/SOC/SOAR, SASE/SEE, VMS, and many more.
In 2020, Evgeniy co-hosted a Security Architecture Podcast. The podcast format focuses on architecture and vendor integration into the customer environment
In 2022 he founded the Cyber Inspiration podcast; the podcast explored the minds of CTOs and CEOs when they started their cyber security company!
Personal: Evgeniy has four kids, a daughter, a son, and twins (boy and girl) . Twins are a great way to learn to multitask, and nothing scares me anymore :)(besides snakes)
Hobbies: Photography, podcasting, public speaking, snowboarding, whitewater canoeing, SUP, mountain biking, motorcycles, breathing techniques, and gadgets